The importance of PRAM checks

Initials PRAM come from "Protection through Relays, Automation and Measurement".

PRAM verification is one of the most important measures to protect employees in any workplace, whether it's a production facility, offices, shops, or others. It specifically refers to the measurement of the earthing resistance dispersion with a special device for this purpose and the verification of all continuity of the installations that provide protection.

Some of the main benefits of regularly performing PRAM checks:

  • preventing electrical shock to personnel using electrical equipment and work equipment
  • preventing the fire of buildings
  • preventing the destruction of electrical equipment

When to be done: electrical installations must be checked periodically in accordance with current legislation to avoid damage over time due to a number of factors such as overloading of circuits, equipment wear, corrosion or insulation aging. It is recommended that PRAM checks and measurements be made twice a year, once in dry time and once in wet time, to obtain results that take into account all parameters. Where this can not be done for objective reasons, PRAM verification is mandatory once a year.

PRAM checks consist of: 

  • Measurement of dispersion resistance to earth plugs
  • Measurement of dispersion resistance at the grounding socket
  • Check the continuity of protection null on mono and three-phase plugs
  • check
    Verify continuity of null from electrical panels to equipment and sockets

Report prepared following PRAM verification: after completion, a report or bulletin will be prepared containing information on: the measurement conditions, the type of apparatus, the performer and the place where the measurement was performed.

Use of PRAM Bulletin: in addition to the preventive role, the PRAM verification and the issue of the Bulletin are necessary in order to ensure, in the case of checks carried out by: Labor Protection, Emergency Situations Inspectorate, Consumer Protection.

Our PRAM services

We carry out national PRAM checks and measurements, for low-voltage electrical installations, with the issue of Bulletins acknowledged by Labor Protection, Consumer Protection and the Emergency Situations Inspectorate.

We know that for you execution time and price are important, which is why we offer the lowest prices related to execution time. We are in the market since 2005, and at present Eurofin Consult is one of the most important players in the market of PRAM verification services in Romania with last generation technical equipment.

Eurofin Consult assigns to each client a team of specialists and an account officer to provide you with all the necessary support.

for companies

  • check
    required by TLI
  • required by insurance companies
  • required by ESI
  • check
    prices tailored to the client needs
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